New York Post's Dark History - Title Sequence

I found myself so fortunate to be tasked by Maple Shipp and the crew over at The New York Post to design and animate the title sequence to The Post's first ever historical short documentary. We had a tight turn around, but given the relatively open brief and KILLER reference, I knew this would be something I would gladly tackle. 

It took several long nights which quickly blended into one long day, but we hit our final deadline with a wink of time to spare. I can't say enough great things about working with Maple and the team she put together to complete this 10 minute piece in a weeks time. 

Here is the first set of style frames I sent over to NYP:

Dark History Style Frame_01

Intro: Style Frame_01

Dark History Style Frame_02

Intro: Style Frame_02

Dark History Style Frame_03

Intro: Style Frame_03

Dark History Style Frame_04

Intro: Style Frame_04

I was also tasked with creating a short segment which focused on the USS Indianapolis' initial trip across the Pacific while delivering the Uranium for the "Little Boy".  Here are a few sample frames from that animation:

Map Animation_01

Map Guide: Style Frame_01

Map Animation_02

Map Guide: Style Frame_02

I plan to revisit this write up to cover a more in depth explanation of the process. In the meantime it's onto the next project! Be sure to check out the documentary below:

You can also check out the article from The New York Post's website below:


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