As is no secret, I am a huge proponent of the platform Joey Korenman has created over at School of Motion. The biggest issue facing online education (especially when comparing to bricks and mortar Academic Art Institutions) is the exposure and contacts you are able to secure with leading industry professionals. Amazing companies like Mograph Mentor are closing that gap and thanks to opportunites like this, those of us who were still too uncertain about their future to committ to an art school have found the possibilities of their work being shown along side of the "big boys".  Let's not breach the subject of affordability at said institutions...

You can find a far more in depth look at what this competition entailed on School of Motion's Blog Post, but I'll give you a quick synopsis. The competition consisted of four rounds. The first round contestants recieved an AMAZING five second animation, designed by Rafael Mayani and animated by THE J.R. Canest. You were to take the final frame then design and animate the next five seconds of the chain. You had a week to complete your submission, then the winner would be chosen. The following round would then pick up in identical fashion. Recieve the final frame of the previous week's winner—design, animate, cross fingers.

I am sorry to say as dedicated as I was to say, I've shared a piece that was produced by Giant Ant, none of my three submissions were awarded. However, there is a glaring silver lining to all of this. I am proud of the work I put in and ultimately came out the other side a significantly stronger Motion Designer for it. All that being said each of the four winners completely deserved it, I still remember seeing everyone of those submissions (including a handful of others) and thinking to myself. WELL G.D... that's some stellar lookin shit! 

I proudly present to you my three losing submissions and although I've come A LONG way in my Journey since this competition, I look back on this month fondly. Designing late nights, animating in airports while out on video shoots— it, just like all my School of Motion endeavors was a dizzying and whole heartedly statisfying experience.

A quick disclaimer I only designed and animated the final 5 seconds of each of these three pieces.


Here is the final piece with the winners of each of the four weeks (Nol Honig wk.1, Zach Youse wk.2, Josef Atlestam wk.3, Kevin Snyder wk.4) Kick back and enjoy!


School of Motion (schoolofmotion.com)

Giant Ant (giantant.ca)


Design - Rafael Mayani (rafaelmayani.com)

Animation - Jorge Canedo Estrada (jrcanest.co)

Nol Honig (thedrawingroom.nyc)

Zach Youse (cabincreative.tv)

Josef Atlestam (foxhound.se)

Kevin Snyder (kevinsnyder.net)

Henrique Barone (henriquebarone.com)

Compositing - Matt James

Go check out the full set of entries! So many amazing submissions were thrown in on each round of competition.



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