Frost Motion National Spot - Illustrations

I had the pleasure of working with the AWESOME group over at Frost Motion recently. The job was designing some illustrations for a national TV spot. I have to say it's not often I stumble across a job that is so freeing and pleasurable.

This first set of frames were the initial pitch frames. I threw my hat in the ring with a handful of other designers and I was fortunate enough to have the clients to chose my boards.

DiaResQ – Frame_01_V1

Initial Pitch Frame - Main Character

DiaResQ – Frame_02_V3
DiaResQ – Frame_03_V1

Initial Pitch Frame - Microbe Characters

The client loved the direction of our main character, but my take on the microbe guys wasn't recieved as well. They were looking for something a little more fun and with a boat load more character. 

Luckily one of the other illustrators had some forms that they really liked. So, I was tasked with taking those flat vector designs from the other illustrator and building in the look and feel of the first frame. So, I took the base of what the artist had finished and added a touch of shading and a little bit of grime here and there. Below you can notice how the "apartment" for our ruckus character began to take shape. This little guy is supposed to be inside the woman's gut so it seemed right to give it a little bit of an arching structure to hint at the location in her intestine.

StyleFrame WIP_02
StyleFrame WIP_03
StyleFrame WIP_01

Approval Frames - Character Adjustments

Once the client was happy with where the characters were sitting. I began to tackle the apartment itself. The brief had called for an apartment that seemed as though the WORST room mate you could imagine had been inhabbiting the space. They had some great suggestions that I jumped off from. 

I figured the dirty apartment would be best to tackle first... It's always easier to clean things up once all the elements are in place.

DiaResQ – Dirty Room_Door Open_V1

Approval Frame - "Dirty" Apartment

They loved the direction it was heading, but felt it needed a bit more grime and grossness added. So, I did just that.

I also took a stab at cleaning everything up. Below you can see almost the final results of the clean apartment.

DiaResQ – Dirty Room_V3

First Revision - "Dirty" Apartment

DiaResQ – Clean Room_V2
DiaResQ – Clean Room_Door Open_V2

Approval Frames  - "Clean" Apartment

With everything on track for our space I know just had to go back and give a little attention to our main character. The brief had called for a kind of intestine overlay that the camera would be able to zoom into. So I took the reference image they sent over and created an overlay that would fit for our "world".

DiaResQ – Women_Expression_02
DiaResQ – Women_W-Overlay

Final Designs  - Main Character

The last couple notes I had to address before delivery was giving a very light scene for our character to start the spot off in. They wanted a public place in which you would almost feel trapped if you had an upset stomach sneak up.

I also recieved a few notes on our "ruckus causer" character. He needed a couple brief cases as well as a kind of "stink" atmosphere. So, I equipped our little dude and we were on our way. I also needed a design for our good guy, he was pretty much the final piece I had accomplished before delivery.

DiaResQ – First Frame_V3
DiaResQ – Dirty Room w-Character_V3
DiaResQ – Clean Room w-Character_V3

Overall, I'm very pleased with how these designs turned out. Coming into this, I let Frost know that this kind of work was by no means my forte, but they trusted me to give it a shot and I'm so grateful they did. There was several moments throughout this project that I thought to myself; this is way to enjoyable to be my day job!

I want to thank everyone over at Frost and I can't wait to get an opportunity work with that fine crew again. Make sure you swing by their site to get a peak at some of the amazing work they've been producing over there.


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