Over several slow summer months I had gotten into quite a bit of small personal projects to progress both my technical and design abilities. For this first animation I wanted to understand the basics of a front walk cycle. So, I started off with animating two circular shape layers with formed out legs. From there I began to explore additions to the body as well as lighting/compositing within the scene. It wasn't long before I had all animated shape layers forming the body and shading. Although this entire animation is made up of animated shape layers I did dive into C4D quickly to pump out a couple sweep nurbs for the kind of whimsical swooping air bits. Of course throwing in a little Nat King Cole will make damn near any 12fps animation feel better! IMO...

As for the second piece, I had downloaded the trial version of Joysticks and Sliders. Character animation and design has been a serious shortfall for me and I have been putting in a very active effort to rectify that. There were several months were every day while doing my peresing of the internet for inspiration, I would inevitably circle back around to James Gilleard's work. I cannot tell you how much I love this mans style. Ughhh, it hurts how good it is. So, for the sake of this journey of exploration I was on, I decided to try and create a character in line with the work he did on this music video.

You can also check out a full run through of this project he put up on his Behance Porfolio.  I still get so inspired when I look through that project. Thank you!

I would like to mention, once I created a short loop of the character, I got a great piece of Lo-Fi music from my good friend (and drummer in my band) Tyler Stuck. If you dig the tune he's chalk full of this amazing stuff. Go find him on Instagram!


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