This project holds a special place for me. If you follow any of my work or have ever ACTUALLY read one of my "case studies" (if you can call them that) you've most likely stumbled upon my praise for School of Motion. The shift in my career as well as creative passions is due in no small part to what Joey Korrenman and his team have built. So, when Ordinary Folk reached out to me asking if I'd be able to take on a shot I couldn't say YES quick enough. 

Now, Jorge had originally asked how comfortable I am with Character Animation. I gulped and said "well... not really all that comfortable really", I sent him over a few pieces I had done and that seemed to have convinved him enough to hand over a relatively simple shot (character wise). I'm sure you'll be able to tell from the final result of my section, character work especially 3D character work is not my strong suit. However, I'm so happy I was given this opportunity. I genuinely learned a lot along the way.  I'm not going to have pixar knocking on my door anytime soon over it, but I will say I am one thousand percent more comfortable with the idea.

I recieved an animatic mock-up of what they were looking for, essentially each character would pop from line art - 2D - 3D all within a span of about 6 1/2 seconds. I decided to focus the base animation in C4D as once that was locked in I would simply need to change up the cel shading network in C4D for each of the three shots. It went rather smooth (for the most part). I did get hung up a couple times, luckily I was able to message the Cel Shader-Guru himself, EJ Hassenfratz, when I came to an absolute road block. It turned out to be a pretty small issue of needing to have all my normals facing the correct direction... of course right!?  In the end my shot pales in comparison to the AMAZING work this full team of animators and design put in on this piece. Yet again, another project with the fine people of Ordinary Folk that I was so honored just to be involved in. 



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