If you were to tell me when I first went freelance, that I'd have an opportunity to work on a project with JR Canest and the RIDICULOUSLY talented crew Stefan Green and him have put together up at Ordinary Folk in Vancouver, I would have smacked you in the face and told you to stop toying with me. Well that might be a bit dramatic, but I can't tell you how excited I was when my good friend and one of the afformentioned talents, Greg Stewart, reached out saying they had a project they were working on and would I like to be involved? Of course, my immediate response was YES (an expletive may have been included).

I remember the first time I had seen the first Webflow piece Ordinary Folk released and I thought to myself this young studio is about to make a BIG splash. When I first jumped on their slack channel for the project I genuinely couldn't believe what I was seeing. While I've been VERY fortnunate to work with some amazingly taleneted designers, animators and directors I hadn't quite seen so many piled into one group. I quickly tried to mop the drool from my chin and began work on the section I recieved. 

First seeing the three frames Nuria Boj had created I felt SO lucky to have been given something that I felt truly inspired by. Jorge gave me a brief run down on the type of movement he had envisioned and let me jump right in. I must say, I have rarely experienced the trust and freedom that Jorge gave me in his creative direction. I think it's safe to say, every animator and designer get's this sense from him, it seems to just be part of his make up... I would say it's working for him pretty dam well. 

One thing no one ever teaches you is how to move forward in an efficient way when first starting work with a group of people you GREATLY admire. While this has happened to me a few times, I have to admit... I still don't think I've quite cracked the code on this one yet.  I could write an entire op-ed on this subject, but I'll leave it at this: once you get out of your own way and get lost in the task at hand, all the self doubt and that sneaky imposter syndrom seems to melt away into just becoming another project... albeit, a pretty bad ass one.

Much of the time I logged on this project was eaten up by diving into a task that ultimately never made the final cut. The client had asked if the spheres could actually explode once our hero ball crossed the barrier and I became infatuated with this idea, so I busted out a full fledged version with exploding worlds, but in the end it didn't quite fit with the messaging of the piece. It was DEFINITELY the right call, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't initially bum me out. Luckily, those Ordinary Folk let me put that piece up here, I can at least remember what once was... RIP bursting bubbles!

Webflow BTS Full Main Comp
Webflow BTS Main Comp Value Graph

I still watch this piece and feel the same way I do when I see any of their other work - "you've gotta see this! How FRIGGIN COOL is that?? How'd they do that????"... I feel so fortunate to have played a SUPER small part in this project with ALL of these amazing creatives. Looking back on this experience now, I don't remember a more smooth and enjoyable experience in my professional career. They have really built an atmosphere... or should I say e-tmosphere, that fosters and encourages creative exploration. I think I'll try and be like all those Ordinary Folk when I grow up.



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