My good friend Kyle Hamrick over at The Feral Few got ahold of me looking for some assistance on doing some design work and minimal animation for an event put on by Pipeline Innovators down in Kansas City, MO. We first had to tackle an event invite.

We knew there wasn't going to be a whole lot of direction as far as possible visual directions so we really had an open door to try out several options. I sat down and put together several different style frames. Since this initial invite video would help determine the event visual identity, we were comfortable with putting in a little more effort on the ideation and discovery phase up front. It made our job for the actual event much easier later down the road. Here's several of the Style Frames we sent to the client.

Pipeline Innovators Invite Style Frame_Opt 02_2
Pipeline Innovators Invite Style Frame_Opt 02_1
Pipeline Innovators Invite Style Frame_Opt 03_2
Pipeline Innovators Invite Style Frame_Opt 03_1
Pipeline Innovators Invite Style Frame_Opt 01
Pipeline Innovators Invite Style Frame_Opt 05
Pipeline Innovators Invite Style Frame_Opt 04_2

After a few rounds of back and forth with the client we landed on going in the direction of the designs centering aorund this kaliedescope aproach. Moving forward I put a set of boards together and began animating the base of the piece. After having about two thirds of the piece together I passed it on to Kyle. He put some very tastey fine details and final touches on the final third which he had designed. The final piece is shown at the top of the page.

With the invite out the door it would be another month or so until we would start production on the event graphic package. We know knew that the kaliedescope would be the center of the visual identity. So, once we started up prodution I began designing style frames using this element. I also explored a couple other options since we essentially had 5 separate batches of content that needed slight alterations to have their own unique identity. Here's three of several style frames I put together to start exploring varying options.

Logo Loop Design_V1_01
Logo Loop Design_V3_01
Logo Loop Design_V3_02

As Kyle locked down a show flow outline, it became apparent we would be able to utilize some of the same designs but, with an altered color palette throughout different sections of the show. Here are a couple examples of what we came up with.

PL Logo_HOLD_Loop 04 Color 03
PL Logo_HOLD_Loop Color 02
02_PL 2017 Fellows_Austin Barone
03_PL 2017 Fellows_Dan Curran

As I mentioned previously we needed several different identities for different batches of content presented throughout the show. Here's the two styles I had presented as options for the Leadership Award section of the program.

Awards Design_V2_01
Awards Design_V2_02
Awards Design_V2_03
Awards Design_V4_01
Awards Design_V4_02
Awards Design_V4_03

Once we got each of the designs locked down and signed off on, the animation was pretty minimal. A few overall adjustment layers, levels adjustments and other subtleties went a long way since the kaleidescope did a lot of the heavy lifting movement wise. After that it was a whole lot of versioning. All in all this was a blast of a project to work on, I've got to say working with Kyle and The Feral Few has been a delight and I look forward to doing more of this event based work in the future.

Make sure you swing by and check out what Kyle and friends have been up to!



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