It just so happened that on the day of my 30th birthday, several of my paid gigs were at a stand still. Having this rare moment of down time, I decided I'd FINALLY hop over and spend the day noodling my way around Redshift. I've mentioned it in other write-ups but, I used to spend a substantial amount of time in C4D. Over the last year and a half it's seemed as though I've had very few professional opportunites to continue my 3D work. So, of course as a way to combat that I focused on just getting one styleframe out the door for the day.

I ended up using one of the frames from GSG'S Redshift training as something I could shoot. I also used an AMAZING set of Pitch Boards from YETI Pictures as inspiration. With those in mind I got to it. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed getting back into 3D work but, man it was a real wake up call to just how inefficient I am within R20 and Redshift! I'll be continually trying to tackle little bite sized frames here and there when my schedule opens up. It's the only way I know how to get better! This first render was the beauty pass that I rendered out of Redshift. I know I'm super late to the party on all this but, holy hell it renders fast! 

TITUS 31 Frame_Base

After a full day of tinkering around and problem solving one issue after the other, I spent the following morning just messing around with comping the different AOV'S in After Effects. Of course a majority of these are pretty over the top but, I've found the best approach when exploring is to go completely over the top. Design really begins to pop when you show restraint, but if you haven't spent a substantial amount of time throwing everything you can think of against the wall that can become kind of a hard thing to do! 

TITUS 31 Frame_04
Header_Redshift Exploration 01
TITUS 31 Frame_05
TITUS 31 Frame_03
TITUS 31 Frame_02


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